Samuel S. Rai

“To be honest, I have never liked and played basketball in my school and college days. It has been around eight months since I came to Arise and Shine. I got to learn many new things as soon as the basketball court was constructed. I do not know from where I get this new energy in basketball but every time I have been practicing and learning new skills and techniques required. I am still playing this wonderful game and it feels amazing. I am grateful to ANS because now I have got a new hobby with me.
Within these months, I came to a conclusion and realized that there’s a difference between a boss and a leader. A boss just focuses on themselves and demands results but a leader always encourages and inspires the performance of an individual in a team. A will to learn something new, listening more than taking, to take responsibility even if it’s challenging are such skills that I have developed with the help of ANS and my organizing team. I feel like doing more and more in upcoming days to sharpen up my skills as well as being the leader to reach the goal ANS dreamed for.”