Our Programs


  1. Outdoor Sports:
    • Table Tennis
    • Football
    • Basketball (half court)
  2. Indoor Sports And Games Include:
    • Carom Board
    • Foosball
    • Chess
    • Ludo
    • Card Games
    • Dart
    • Puzzles
  3. Quarterly Sports Day : This day is full of sports of various kinds. All young people come prepared to play, compete, get rewarded and have lots of fun and refreshment.


One of the major goals of ANS is to engage an emerging generation of potential leaders early helping them to gain both life skills and confidence. We want to develop leaders who are driven by values such as humility, service, integrity, creativity, and dedication

  1. Mentoring : For the holistic development of young people, ANS provides a mentoring relationship where youths  have a safe, trusted and an experienced mentor to share their personal as well as career related goals and challenges. Mentors help them achieve their goals by overcoming the challenges they are facing. ANS provides both one and one as well as small group mentoring sessions on a regular basis. Normally for specific program such as PYD, mentoring commitment lasts for about 6 months but for other mentoring relationships can go more than six months, one year or more than one year depending on the need of the mentee or the nature of job specific roles and stage of their development in light of the potential they have.
  2. Leadership opportunities : ANS provides many growth opportunities to young people. We believe they can be leaders not just tomorrow but today as well. We recognize their potential and give platform to exercise their gifts and talents. Many of the activities such as CST, Drop Zone, Sports Training at ANS are youth-led.
  3. Leadership training : We provide not just in house leadership training but we also send them to good leadership training where they have a chance to meet with many other leaders, learn from many other experienced and qualified trainers of leaders.


  1. Positive Youth Development : This is a 5- 6 months course. This course helps youth develop 5 Cs that result into 6Cs. During the course, we provide one on one as well as small group mentoring
  2. Motivation and Counseling : We provide counseling and motivation program especially SEE appeared students as they are on the crucial phase of decision making
  3. Computer Training : To increase chances of getting jobs for youths, we provide basic as well as advance courses depending on the need of the group
  4. Community :
    • Weekly CST: To develop a loving, learning and growing community of young people. Young people meet on a weekly basis to learn something new and important, play, meet new and existing friends, demonstrate their talents. Weekly CST takes place every Saturday from 1 pm to 5 pm. It is combined of both structured as well as flexible activities. Currently, 30 to 40 youths participate on a weekly basis. This provided is divided into two groups mainly age wise. 13 to 15 age group CST is called Junior CST. 16 to 19 age group CST is called Senior CST.
    • Support Group : Youth facing with issues such as relationship, career choice, peer pressures, culture and religion, find like minded youths who share similar concerns, discuss, clarify, and seek solutions together guided by experienced youth guidance staff.
  5. Parenting Teenagers: Due to generation gap, cultural shifts, and lack of awareness and training, parents and teenagers have difficulties relating with each other. For the effective and overall development of young people, ANS connects, informs, brings awareness as well as educate parents/carers of young people.
    • Family Day: On a quarterly basis, we bring teenagers and their parents/carers together for interaction, fun and refreshment. On this day, both parties have chances to share their views, listen to understand each other and come up with some solution. On this day, parents have chances to meet with ANS youth care and guidance team as well.
    • Home Visit : Case by case, we visit homes of our youths as well. This activity brings ANS and the family of this youth more closer and provides a more clear view as to how to help this youth or this family.


  1. Guitar
  2. Keyboard
  3. Singing
  4. Dance
  5. Art and Crafts